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If your independent medical group practice is thinking of joining an accountable care organization and would like to understand the process, we welcome the opportunity to talk through the steps of joining Emergent ACO.

We know every practice has different needs and objectives, but we’ll explain how an ACO can open up opportunities to improve patient care - and lower costs to you and your patients in the process.

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Considerations for Discussion

Many medical practices feel the need to streamline operations and improve collaboration between physicians and other healthcare organizations, but getting started seems challenging. In our conversations, we’ll discuss a range of topics - and we’ll answer your questions or concerns.

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We will have an open and honest discussion across various topics, including:

  • 1)

    Group Benefits

    How will working within an expanded group of providers improve care for my patients?

  • 2)

    Cost Savings, Efficient Care

    How will our team realize cost savings and improved efficiencies of care?

  • 3)

    Operational Improvements Implications

    What are the implications of operational improvements - and will they add or remove administrative burdens from my team?

  • 4)

    Collaborative Healthcare

    How does the Emergent ACO model address collaboration between physicians and other healthcare organizations, including hospitals, specialty providers, imaging services, and pharmacies?

  • 5)

    Upfront vs. Long-Term Savings

    What are the differences between upfront
    savings and longer-term savings with different ACO plans?

How to Get Started

Getting started simply begins with an email or phone call to our team.
Please contact us here, or call 423-857-2091. We’ll help you understand the benefits and why Emergent ACO works for our member providers.

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