Emergent ACO Benefits

Everyone Benefits from Coordinated Care

We understand independent medical groups because our ACO was set up by physicians. We know the operational challenges that providers experience, including coordinating care and improving overall patient health. We bring together clinical teams that make a difference in achieving the best medical management for your patients, including:

  • Providers

    Primary, emergency, episodic, and preventive care

  • Chronic care

    Disease management, addressing ongoing health challenges

  • Follow up

    Post-acute care, home care and optimal recovery services

  • Pharmacists

    Relationships with independent pharmacists within communities

  • Social support

    Compliance and addressing self-care strategies

We know the operational challenges that providers experience, including coordinating care and improving overall patient health.

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Ensuring Optimal Patient Care

Discover how Emergent ACO can help optimize your independent medical group practice's health by prioritizing patient care, operations, and financial stability.

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We Care About Saving You and Your Patients Money

Our team maintains low overhead costs so we can increase the savings for our members. We’re proud to say our sustainable model returns an average of 70% of costs back to our member groups. To stay in tune with potential savings and operational challenges, our dedicated team meets regularly with our member Operations Committee, often with an average of 60 participants from our medical group offices. We listen, we communicate, and we help get your patients more cost-effective care options.

Let Us Take Care of the Details for You

We do the homework for you - and your patients - to identify the highest quality care at the most reasonable cost. For example, if a patient needs knee replacement surgery, the Emergent ACO team reviews multi-state regional treatment options with the best outcomes on record. Our focus is to find the best healthcare options for your patients through the partners that have earned our trust with consistent, high-quality care. The bottom line at Emergent ACO is we work for you – and with you - to make life better for your patients and your team.

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Independent Pharmacist Model Brings Value

Emergent ACO brings together independent community pharmacists across the country to enhance
value for our members. Integrated within the community and serving families for generations, these pharmacist relationships are vital to providing medication management while making sure your patients are not overspending on necessary prescriptions. Our partner pharmacists work with local providers to reconcile medications and even package daily medications for your patients – making life easier and more cost-effective.

We're Here For You

When you join Emergent ACO, a Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), our team teaches you the ‘how’ – the nuts and bolts – of using the tools we offer to improve your operations and efficiencies of care.

With Emergent ACO, we’re very protective of your operational dollars, and we know how to work smarter, and harder, to meet your goals. We don’t just sign you up and let you figure it out; we help you every step of the way.

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