Why Emergent ACO?

Your Practice Health is Our Top Priority

Optimizing patient care is always the priority, but your independent medical group practice health really means taking care of three areas - your patients, your operations, and your financial health.

Your patients’ wellness can actually improve when you have dedicated support to keep your operational and financial pillars standing tall and strong.

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Balancing Patient Populations

We know the Medicare patient population well, and often see it fragmented because an optimized care coordination process is not established. As a result, too many providers are involved in more complex medical care - without the integration of services. If provider visits, lab work, imaging, rehabilitation, and pharmacy are not coordinated, duplication of services occurs, and inefficiencies develop in patient care and operations.

Improving patient care coordination is at the very core of our physician-led Emergent ACO. We built our accountable care organization, including our technology and Patient Stratification Tool for robust data analysis, around identifying and understanding patient populations by group. We first determine the severity of their medical needs - and then plan their routine, preventive, and episodic care around our best practices model.

Patient wellness can actually improve when operations and financials are strong.

diagram of 3 areas Emergent focuses on - patients, operations and financial health

Managing the Medicare Population Efficiently

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Because a very small percentage of patient populations, about 5%, spend over half of the healthcare dollars - it’s even more critical to manage the 65+ group efficiently.

By understanding their disease potential, we can allocate care resources - and work more effectively to reduce the cost of that care. As a Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), our Emergent ACO model of care does just that - provides the highest quality medical care for the most reasonable cost.

Tech-Infused Systems Drive Positive Outcomes

Our Emergent ACO physician leadership identified early the need for tech-infused systems to translate a universal language for health claim processing. This universal language supports any electronic health record system our members use because we are EHR agnostic. We don’t ask you and your operations to change - we adjust our system for your use.

Our private health information exchange platform, OnePartner, was designed to expertly analyze the defined patient populations that meet your needs. We apply our data to help lead your patient care planning. For example, we can identify which patients are at a higher risk of diabetes. Early detection is key to managing any disease or condition, so this positive and proactive approach keeps your patients ahead of any unexpected diagnoses.

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You’ve read many of the great resources Emergent ACO offers our members. Now, hear from providers who experience the benefits to patient care, medical group operations and finances every day.

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