Data Analysis

Rely on Data to Improve Care

Using reliable data to improve the coordination of your patient care is critical in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. Data can close care gaps - quality and financial - to improve outcomes for patients and your bottom line.

A critical component of data analysis is ensuring the data you use to drive decisions is specific to your practice - and not generally representative of large patient populations. Unfortunately, not readily or easily available, gathering practice-specific data is a challenge. But our Emergent ACO model now takes your practice’s healthcare data and infuses it with advanced technology - meaning we can better use data to drive your decision-making. But it’s not just the numbers; it’s the ability to critically analyze the data through our care coordination tools that brings meaningful results to your practice operations.

The Emergent ACO model takes your practice’s healthcare data and infuses it with advanced technology.
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Step-by-Step Understanding

We take the most evolved version of our care coordination tools and integrate them into your practice - because we know you already have a full day of responsibilities. Our Emergent ACO team ensures our processes enhance and streamline your efforts rather than add hours to your day. We take the time to teach you the processes, helping you work more efficiently to reduce your operational burdens.

Our team has taken the time to create value and improve operational processes for physician practices. Because we were established by physician leaders, we know your pain points, and that’s exactly what we address.

Tracking Timely Patient Visits

Using OnePartner technology and insights, we help you track patient needs proactively. For annual wellness visits, preventive screenings, and chronic disease management for diabetes, high blood pressure, or hypertension, our tracking tools ensure these appointments occur exactly when they should - so reimbursement is never an issue. We remove any unnecessary patient costs, ensuring tests are not done too early but right when they should be scheduled. An optimal balance of high-quality care at lower cost options is what Emergent ACO delivers.

We Welcome Your Questions

Data can be overwhelming, and when your team reviews the data analysis we provide, there may be questions. Our team is here to help you, and we welcome the chance to help your team learn the processes.

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