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If your organization is considering an accountable care organization, we hope you’ll take a minute to calculate the benefits of joining Emergent as they apply to your independent medical group practice.

We think you’ll find a substantial impact on your revenue through our efficient, coordinated care model of providing the highest quality healthcare at the most reasonable cost.

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  • Performance in 2021
    Total ACO Participating Providers Total ACO Participating Providers is the total number of healthcare providers who participate in Emergent ACO.
    Total Savings Total Savings refers to the reduction in healthcare costs achieved by Emergent ACO, compared to traditional fee-for-service healthcare.
    Total ACO Shared Savings Total ACO Shared Savings is the portion of the savings achieved by Emergent ACO, that is shared with its participating providers.
    Total ACO Attribution Total ACO attribution is the total number of patients that are assigned or attributed to Emergent ACO, based on their utilization of healthcare services.
    Quality Measure Score Quality measure score is used to evaluate the quality of care provided by the ACO and its participating providers and to determine whether the ACO is meeting established quality standards.
Traditional Medicare Lives Traditional Medicare Lives refers to the number of patients who are enrolled in the traditional fee-for-service Medicare program and are attributed to Emergent ACO.
How many traditional medicare patients do you have?
Group Participating Providers Group Participating Providers is the number of healthcare providers who are participating in Emergent ACO as part of a group practice or organization.
How many providers are in your group?

Calculation numbers assume average cost management and quality performance.